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is a specialist in the field of conduit systems for the protection of electrical cables.

Specific solutions

As a part of ANAMET Inc, we are able to provide a full range of conduit systems to our customers around the world and solve all sorts of technical problems with the installation and protection of cables in a variety of applications.   As a manufacturer of these systems we are not only able to supply the necessary components but are also able to deliver assembled products fully in accordance with your specifications.


Quality control and manufacturing takes place at our facilities in Eastern Ontario using state-of-the-art technology. This enables us to quickly realize a solution and deliver it on time. An added bonus – we can also draw on the expertise and facilities of our sister companies in the USA and Europe.

Our employees are qualified and trained in the use of a wide range of design tools, testing devices and production equipment. To make a hose or conduit requires mastery of numerous mechanical processes, ranging from cutting, rolling, grinding, braiding, drilling and turning to TIG and MIG welding, gluing, soldering and crimping. Expertise in all of these areas enables us to fully customise each solution to meet the customer’s specifications.


For over 100 years we have supplied flexible conduit systems into steelworks, power plants, machine builders, trains, automotive, oil & gas, military and food equipment. This experience and our drive to work closely together with our customers to find the optimum solution to their needs has made us a specialist in flexible hose connections.


Do you have a problem in the field of flexible connections? Be sure to make the right choice, not by simply selecting a supplier, but by selecting the right “partner”. Choose ANAMET Canada. A team of well trained and enthusiastic  sales people is waiting to assist you. By using Computer Aided Design in combination with the various research and test methods in our laboratory, we will jointly define the best solution to your problem.

Production facilities

In our production facility in Frankford, Ontario we have the availability of a wide range of production and test equipment. We manufacture more than 80% of the products that we sell into the Canadian market. With our own production facility, we are able to customize products for our customers, whether it is colour of the conduit or a custom assembly. We build to inventory so that we always have primary products available to ship from stock.


As an organization we specialize in developing and producing customer specific solutions for the industrial market.

We are an innovative, customer-driven organization, with a broad modular program of high quality components, which makes us a reliable supplier and long term partner.

Starting with safety and continuity of processes, we develop, produce, assemble and deliver flexible connections and related components for protection of cables and wires.

We are a national supplier with a strong focus on Canada, while also having an active worldwide base. Together with our international sister companies and local partners, we supply our customers with products and solutions that seamlessly match their needs.


ANAMET Canada strives to be a world player in high-end specialized products, offering safety and reliability for the protection of electrical wiring in a wide variety of industrial applications. Thanks to our knowledgeable and customer-oriented organization we can achieve valuable customer-specific solutions.

ANAMET Canada offers the complete process: from design to production, including all the logistics needed, guaranteeing reliable and accurate delivery of our high quality products.


To be a reliable partner, both internally and externally

Always be innovative in our way of thinking and acting

Always aim for long term co-operation with all of our relations with a win – win mindset

To offer opportunities for talent development and take personal responsibility for our employees

Pursue a social policy based on respect for the individual and the environment

ANAMET Canada Inc.
36 Wolfe St., P.O. Box 240
Frankford, Ontario, Canada
K0K 2C0

  • Tel:  +1 (613) 398-1313

  • Fax: +1 (613) 398-6262

  • E-mail:




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