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The industries for which we develop specific flexible systems are displayed below. Select your industry and we will show the most suitable products for the solution you need.


Halogen free, low toxicity and good flame retardant properties are prerequisites for conduits used in rail applications.


ANAMET cable protection systems consisting of conduits, fittings, sensor adapters and heat protection products are typically used in the power & energy industry.


As a member of the European Hygiene Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG), ANAMET has designed a range of cable protection systems that meet the guidelines for hygiene.


Conduits on machines and equipment used in today’s modern manufacturing facilities need to provide excellent mechanical strength.


A part of factory automation is the Internet of Things. With vulnerable cables and sensors in hazardous applications, conduit is one of the best solutions.


In steel, metal forging and glass processing plants, cables are often exposed to aggressive substances. ANAMET’s cables provide protection for these extremes.


ANAMET has a range of cable protection systems designed to protect cables and wires against mechanical, chemical and/or thermal failure as well as conduits and fittings that provide a high level of EMI/EMP protection.


Whether a power plant, oil and gas terminal or wind farm is located onshore, offshore, coastal, in Siberia or in a desert, ANAMET’s range of conduits and fittings is designed to withstand the challenges of these environments.


Often like Steel & Foundry, Mining applications need the most rugged protection for your cabling.  ANAMET has solutions in SEALTITE and FIRETECH brand names to meet these most robust protection needs.

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